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You can rely on us

The Native Translator is a certified online translation agency that provides high quality translations in a wide range of various disciplines in over 100 languages - and we do so as quickly as possible. The strictest confidentiality is guaranteed!

Our Top Languages & Topics

In total, we translate into over 100 languages, even into those considered "exotic." An overview of our complete range of services can be found here.

We offer translations practically in real time.

By partnering with us, you can, for example, conduct your e-mail correspondence in a foreign language. We need about 1 hour to translate your message or answer your e-mail correspondence. You can be certain of our discretion as well as the quality of the translation. After all: Quality is our top priority!

Our recipe of success

We are of the firm belief that there is only one way to guarantee the highest quality translation: professional translators who translate into their mother tongue and are dedicated specialists in a particular topic or subject area. This is the only way to ensure correct translations, and be certain that the content, tone, and even the finest shades of meaning are conveyed with 100 percent certainty.

What we offer you - at a glance

  • Top quality specialized translations
  • Fast turnaround
  • Good prices
  • Simple payment
  • Absolute confidentiality