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Specialist translations and certified translations to and from French

Specialist translations into and from French in the fields of law, medicine and technology, directly through the internet, produced by an ISO17100 certified translation agency.

When you need quick access to high quality French translations, we are your answer. With more than 5,000 professional specialist translators working for us, we are not only one of Europe's largest translation agencies, but we were also ranked globally in the Top 100 in 2014 and 2015 by Common Sense Advisory, a Boston-area based consulting agency..

French specialist translations and certified translations online

We handle all kinds of French translations, from specialist French translations in medicine, technology and law to certified French translations of, court verdicts, contracts, register excerpts, etc.

Translations with our Quality Guarantee

Many translation agencies will tell you that they follow a particular certification standard.  But we believe there is a significant difference between simply following a given standard, and being fully certified according to a standard. The Native Translator is certified according to ISO17100. Our work is regularly reviewed by the Austrian Standards Institute, the certifying authority for international ISO standards.


We frequently handle sensitive information and we are therefore always careful to maintain very strict confidentiality. 

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified translation agency, and we specialize in Quality-Assured translations directly through the Internet.