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Professional translation of Word documents

We translate MS Word documents

Exact, professional and in a linguistically-convincing style: This is what is meant by a good translation. Whether it is legal MS Word documents, court applications, instructions for use or other types of texts. We employ certified translators worldwide with professional qualifications that combine these skills exactly. And our certified translators translate exclusively into their native language and only texts from their own specialist field.

Technical translations of MS Word documents in all industries

Technical translations require extensive knowledge in the particular field of expertise and a permanent focus on innovations in the sector concerned. That is why technical translators basically specialise in a few similar subject areas or sectors of industry. Too broad a diversity of subject areas would be detrimental to the translation quality. No single translator of a translation agency can cover all areas equally well and always be up-to-date.

Can you guarantee confidentiality?

We guarantee confidentiality; all translators who work for The Translator Group, to which The Native Translator belongs, are bound by confidentiality obligations; this also applies to the project managers and administrative staff.

How do I pay?

You pay by credit card when ordering.

Here you will receive the best offer

You have the opportunity to receive a quotation from us within 1 minute and can also order your translation directly online here under " Opens internal link in current windowShow offerOpens internal link in current window ". We guarantee the translation of three DIN A4 pages or 800 words within 24 hours!

Document translations with our quality guarantee

The Native Translator is certified in accordance with the ISO17100 quality standard.  Our work is subject to constant monitoring in accordance with Austrian standards as a certification service provider. This means that as our customer, you are provided with the greatest possible level of reliability. 
In our translation process, a second native-speaker translator reviews the translated texts with respect to grammar and syntax, the correct reproduction of the source text, spelling and punctuation as well as completeness. This process is certified by The Native Translator in accordance with the international standard ISO 17100 for technical translations. It includes the following:

  • Selection of qualified personnel and professional translators
  • Translation using the four-eyes principle
  • Efficient process flows for project management and production of the translation
  • High-level quality and project management
  • Strategic use of technical resources
  • Consideration of customer feedback
  • International comparability
  • Follow-up checks of corrected documents to pass on feedback to the translators

The Native Translator is a translation agency that is certified according to the ISO17100 quality standard and which specialises in the production of document translations with a quality guarantee directly via the Internet.