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Specialist medical translations into and from French

The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified medical translation agency, providing high quality medical translations into and from French.

We have been producing French medical translations since 2005.  We translate and localize not only medical texts and documents, but also contracts/agreements and websites, etc. for a great number of Europe's renowned pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Altogether we provide medical translations into and from French and 140 languages.

Medical translations requires an extraordinarily high level of proficiency from our translators

High quality medical translations put exceptionally high requirements on accuracy and medical expertise on part of the translator. Our medical translations into and from French are always done by highly qualified specialist translators or physicians with expertise in the specific medical field. With more than 1,500 specialist medical translators, we can handle major projects as well as those involving several language combinations in any number of medical specialist fields.  Our translators are familiar with terminology differences between, for example, the standard of French used in Canada and that of French-speaking Swiss Cantons.

Translation of texts in the fields of medicine and pharmaceutics

Medical translations cover a vast and diverse range of formats, including research reports, package inserts, websites and other information material.

We translate, for example, dissertations, package inserts, manuals for medical devices, documents for clinical studies, medical reports, patient records, dosage labeling, pharmaceutical patents, research programs, forensic protocols, medical textbooks, medical studies, websites and medical science articles.

Quality you can rely on

Selecting the right translation agency is crucial if you wish to achieve the very best result. Many translation agencies will claim that they follow a certain stadard. But we believe there is a big difference between being simply voluntarily following a standard, and being certified to do so by an internationally recognized authority.  Then too, some companies are still certified using an older standard, such as the now obsolete EN-15038.   The Native Translator, which is part of The Translator Group, is fully certified according to the newer ISO17100, and our work is regularly inspected by the Austrian Standards Institutes, which is the certifying authority.


We have a very long history in handling sensitive information and are therefore always careful to maintain the strictest confidentiality. Always treating our clients' information with security and confidentially is part and part of our business ethics.  We are always happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for assignments that require this. 

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The Native Translator is an ISO17100 certified medical translation agency.  We specialize in the translation of medical texts and documents into and from French directly online.