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Real Estate Purchase Document Translation

If you are looking to make a property purchase of a holiday home then you will need to ensure that you have completed all the relevant forms and documentation that is required. Unfortunately there are some problems that can arise whether you are buying a home in France, Spain, Italy or anywhere around the world. These problems occur when technical document translation needs to be completed and there is a significant difference of language in the documents that you need to read through, approve and complete.

That is where The Native Translator can help you. We have a dedicated team of native translators on hand to translate technical documents and deeds into any language that you could require. Well over 100 languages in fact.

As well as being a technically skilled and varied in what we are able to provide we are also focused on the fact that these documents will often be required quickly and accurately. We are able to deliver a minimum of 800 words of translation within a 24 hour time period.

One particular document that will be needed for purchasing properties in France is a deed that is registered by a Notary (a person who is authorized to perform certain legal formalities) and our professionals are able to attribute their degree in law to acting as this notary for the particular area of property purchases.

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