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Professional translation of legal, financial, technical and medical documents available day and night all year around online

There are many free tools online which purport to deliver high quality translations. But how can you be absolutely certain that they are as accurate as they ought to be? We are an affordable, professional and experienced document translation service who operates entirely online to provide you with extremely accurate translations.

Quality document translation at affordable prices

Furthermore, we are able to keep our prices low because of the way in which our business is structured. Operating entirely online means that we can pass our savings directly to you, our customers. If you would like to order any type of document, whether it is a business report, official document or medical information, we have a specialist team available to complete the translation work quickly and efficiently.  What’s more, we have country specific knowledge so we understand specific terminology and recognize this within all translated documents.  

We strive to deliver first class, professional translations and we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. In addition, we strive to turn around all documents quickly but without compromising on quality and are continually evolving our business so we can offer a highly competitive and affordable service. We can translate any document to any language, regardless of its complexity or technical nature.

Certified translations of official documents

We even offer online certified translations of official documents.  Let us translate online quickly, unproblematically and at a reasonable price your business reports, financial documents, contracts and agreements etc!  Our translators are certified and accredited in a number of countries and therefore able to prepare certified documents of official documents.

Native-speaking expert translators

Translating is not easy. Although almost everyone speaks one or more foreign languages and understand them, but … are we also able to translate a document that is to be published?  Probably not.

Only true professional native-speaking translators are able to translate perfectly into another language.  Translators must always translate into their first language, ie his or her mother tongue.  Only this guarantees a translation of the highest quality.

Most highly accredited translators

We have achieved the ISO 17100 International Standard for translation services and are therefore subject to stringent quality controls for translation and other services.  Part of the quality assurance process requires us to meet the four-eyes quality principle, ie all translations must be independently reviewed, revised and finalised by a second translator qualified in the relevant field of expertise.

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us

We often deal with much sensitive information and therefore attach highest importance to keep such information confidential.

Quick reply – worldwide

Our global activities (offices in Europe, Asia and America) ensure that at least one office is always available to respond to your queries at any time of the night or day.  We guarantee to provide you with a binding quote within one hour of receipt of your documents.


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The Native Translator is translation agency certified by ISO 170100 that specializes on providing high-quality documents translations online via the internet.