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Translate complex documents with specialist certified translators

We translate a whole host of legal documents

We are a highly respected certified translation company who specialize in the development of official documents for a whole range of purposes. We take great care and pride in the services that we provide and only employ the very best. All of our expert translators are highly qualified, holding at least a degree qualification. Not only do they have exceptional language skills, they also have industry specific knowledge which is the only way that you can guarantee the highest quality translations.

Certified translations for the legal and financial community

Certified translation services can be provided for almost any field, but they are most commonly requested in the legal or financial sectors as the documents involved are quite complex and need in depth knowledge of the profession to ensure that the documents are translated accurately. In addition, certified translations may occasionally need to be checked and stamped by a notary public for a certain fee but in most cases, our certified translators can both translate, certify and stamp the document themselves, which is great because it saves you time and money.

We are a certified translation agency - your quality guarantee

What’s more, we are certified in accordance with European and North American regulations and specialize in the provision of legal, financial, marketing, medical and technical translation, so no matter what document you need translating, we are here to help. Simply Opens external link in new windowupload your file or contact us by Opens window for sending emailemail to speak to us further. 

Here you’ll get the best offer

You have the opportunity to receive an offer from us within 1 minute and you can also order your translation here directly online under «Opens internal link in current windowShow offer». We guarantee the translation of 3 DIN A4 pages or 800 words within 24 hours!

Translations with our quality guarantee

The Native Translator is certified according to the ISO17100 quality standard.  Our work is subject to the constant monitoring of Austrian Standards as the certification service provider. In this way you get you the highest possible security as our customer. 
As part of our translation process, an additional native-speaker translator in the subject matter field will review the translated texts for proper grammar and syntax, correct rendition of the source text, spelling and punctuation as well as integrity. This process is certified by The Native Translator according to the international standard ISO 17100 for specialist translations. It includes the following:

  • Selection of qualified staff and professional translators
  • Translation according to the “two pairs of eyes” principle
  • Efficient process flows for project management and creation of translations
  • Premium quality and project management
  • Strategic use of technical resources
  • Appreciation of customer feedback
  • International comparability
  • Follow-up monitoring of corrected documents to pass along feedback to translators

Absolute Confidentiality

Strictly confidential handling of all customer data and documents. Our specialists are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements.

Contact Information

For further information, you can contact us by Opens window for sending emailEmail at any time around the clock.

The Native Translator is a translation agency that is certified according to the ISO17100 quality standard and specializes in the provision of certified translations directly through the Internet.