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Sell to the world

We have advanced website translation technology and specialist translators who understand your business.

Grow your website sales by reaching a global audience

Getting your message across in a language your customers understand is a key driver for sales. Website translation services have historically been expensive and complex to implement and the lack of accurate online translations has been an impediment to many companies hitting the mark in export markets. We provide tailor-made website translation options that can meet your vision.

At The Translator Group we understand website translations like no other and have a range of tools and systems combined with our pool of over 5,000 professional human translators to ensure you can get your website into any language quickly, easily and economically. We produce accurate, dynamic translations in any language.

Author once - publish once

With The Translator Group Multilingual Publishing System you simply author your content in your primary language, click publish and then the automated workflow system takes care of the rest.  Content is automatically sent to human translators for translation and review, as necessary. The content can be published as a PDF or Word Document in any language.

Easy editing

By using a comprehensive Web Content Management tool as your editing interface you have full control over your content layout and flow. Permissions and authentication components will control who has access to author and publish content. With this system, authors from multiple locations can work on documents at the same time without conflict.

Native-speaking expert translators

Translating is not easy. Although almost everyone speaks one or more foreign languages and understand them, but … are we also able to translate a document that is to be published?  Probably not.

Only true professional native-speaking translators are able to translate perfectly into another language.  Translators must always translate into their first language, ie his or her mother tongue.  Only this guarantees a translation of the highest quality.

Most highly accredited translators

We have achieved the ISO 17100 International Standard for translation services and are therefore subject to stringent quality controls for translation and other services.  Part of the quality assurance process requires us to meet the four-eyes quality principle, ie all translations must be independently reviewed, revised and finalised by a second translator qualified in the relevant field of expertise.

Confidentiality is a matter of course for us

We often deal with much sensitive information and therefore attach highest importance to keep such information confidential.

Quick reply – worldwide

Our global activities (offices in Europe, Asia and America) ensure that at least one office is always available to respond to your queries at any time of the night or day.  We guarantee to provide you with a binding quote within one hour of receipt of your documents.


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The Native Translator is translation agency certified by ISO 170100 that specializes on providing high-quality translations online via the internet.