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Certified Translation of legal, financial medical and technical documents

When translating a highly technical document, you need to be confident that the service you use can change the language without affecting the meaning.  Here at The Native Translator, we can translation a wealth of technical information whether for an employee handbook, a technical brochure to even a guidebook for the processes you use.  We have the experience and knowledge to seamlessly change the language in your documents.

Our translators are certified in the country where you intend to use your translation.

We have a team of experts who speak the language and also have a range of industry-specific experience.  From engineers to lawyers and from marketing experts to scientists, we can call on the right person to understand your documents as well as translate them and to ensure that all the relevant information remains in place. We provide certified translation, so that you know you're getting a good, reliable, solid service.

We have over 100 languages that we are certified for and a large number of possible combination in between.  We offer a no obligation, free quote through our website and we can offer the completed translation in just a matter of hours without effecting the accuracy and quality of the end product.  Get in touch today to ensure that your technical documents don’t suffer a loss of effect because a layman has translated them without fully understanding what they are translating.